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M&As and Corporate Strategy

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M&As and Corporate Strategy

Find the right path to optimise your business portfolio

Laurence Capron
Programme Director

Professor of Strategy
The Paul Desmarais Chaired Professor of Partnership and Active Ownership

Developing and managing a successful portfolio of businesses requires taking the right path to acquire, redeploy or divest resources and capabilities. Whether that means a merger, an acquisition, an alliance, a licensing contract, a divestment or internal development, it is imperative to understand the pros and cons of each path and to learn which is most appropriate for a successful corporate strategy.

The M&As and Corporate Strategy Programme, has been designed by INSEAD faculty based on their most recent research and teaching innovations. It uses case studies developed at INSEAD that feature real-world examples of portfolio growth and restructuring, as well as value-creating and value-destroying, M&As and divestitures. These are sourced from a range of industries that include financial services, telecommunications, packaging, chemicals and manufacturing.

Key Benefits

  • Define your optimal portfolio of businesses, as well as the right mix of internal and external growth 
  • Enhance your M&A capabilities through the development of a disciplined and holistic process for acquiring and integrating new resources and skills
  • Design a post-M&A integration approach that fits strategic objectives, while also taking into account organisational, cultural and human constraints 


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Featured articles

Startups Need Mergers and Acquisitions for Growth
(AlleyWatch – 25November2013)
Many entrepreneurs are paranoid about the partnership approach and think that M&A is only an alternative for large companies who are flush with cash. Both of these qualms are wrong and shortsighted.
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Build, Borrow, or Buy: Selecting Successful Paths to Growing Your Company
(The European Financial Review – 21 February 2014)
Most companies are very good at identifying the resources they need to grow. However, organisations get into trouble because they pay much less attention to the right way to obtain resources than to the task of identifying them.
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Think before you swoop
(The Sunday Times - 20 January 2013)
Companies chasing growth tend to follow a standard template: start with organic expansion and then, when they feel they have wasted enough time on that endeavour, look for an acquisition to shortcut the process.
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Business Management: China's M&A deals
(South China Morning Post - 5 January 2013)
China's mergers and acquisitions record scores low compared with other countries. How can its buyers avoid losing face?
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