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Management Skills for International Business

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Management Skills for International Business


Enhance your cross-cultural management skills

Erin Meyer
Programme director

Erin Meyer and participants of INSEAD’s Management Skills for International Business programme discuss the benefits of understanding cultural differences, and how you can develop the skills to manage internationally and to navigate the complexities of international organisations.

The qualities that make a manager successful in one culture may be the very reason for failure when leading across cultures. And today, most organisations operate internationally. Even executives based in their home country find themselves managing teams, suppliers, partners or customers in other countries. To add to the challenge, twenty-first century teams are increasingly likely to be multicultural. Traditional management training is no longer sufficient to develop the skills that business leaders require.

Fortunately, Management Skills for International Business is there to help. Over five learning-packed days it provides the cross-cultural leadership competence that has become essential for businesses and managers to succeed in today’s global business landscape.

Building on INSEAD’s distinctively international research reputation and teaching expertise, Management Skills for International Business develops an understanding of cultural differences, the skills to manage internationally, and the knowledge to navigate the complexities of international organisations.

Key Benefits

  • Improve your communication across different cultures
  • Build the confidence to influence clients, suppliers and colleagues from a variety of countries
  • Benchmark your individual management style against preferences from around the world – and learn to adapt accordingly
  • Learn how to lead across international matrix systems and other organisational structures

Featured articles and interviews

Comparing Management Cultures
(Harvard Business Review, April 2014)
Germans working with Brazilians, Indians working with Americans...navigating cultural differences in the workplace can be tricky business. This interactive infographic, based on Professor Erin Meyer's upcoming book, 'The Culture Map' will help you negotiate today's increasingly multicultural business landscape.

The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business
In her new book, Professor Erin Meyer provides the strategies and tactics for succeeding in our ever-more globalised world. She combines a smart analytical framework with practical how-to advice, enabling business people from different parts of the world to benchmark their leadership preferences with other styles, bridge global divides and dodge culture traps. 

How To Say "This Is Crap" In Different Cultures
(HBR Blog, February 2014)
In this blog, Erin Meyer describes the different styles of communication that can be mis-interpreted from one culture to the next.

On the up: ten dons to watch
(Business Life Magazine, British Airways - October 2013)
Erin Meyer is listed as one of ten best business school professors to watch out for.

Working From Home: The End of an Era?
(INSEAD Knowledge - April 2013)
"No matter how sophisticated the communication tool it does not replicate the effectiveness of face-to-face collaboration"...But according to Professor Meyer, there are other instances where not having everyone under one roof is not only a necessity, but also an advantage.

Asian, but not all the same
(TODAY newspaper - March 2013)
How cultural differences in Asia-Pacific can create a huge challenge for managers who lead intra-Asian teams, by Professor Erin Meyer.

Erin Meyer talks about managing across cultures
(Thinkers 50, video - August 2012)

Managing Confrontation in Multicultural Teams
(HBR blog - 6th April 2012)

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