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Foxconn, Avestin, and Organizational Boundaries

The news last week included two stories that present dilemmas for the companies involved, and are good illustrations of how the boundaries of organizations are becoming difficult to draw in the modern economy. First Foxconn: In two perhaps unrelated actions, this Taiwanese firm that makes iPads in China is undergoing labor condition inspections by Fair Labor Association at the behest of Apple, and it has increased its base salaries of workers.… Read more

Social media improves internal communication!

This is the final installment of the presentation of our survey results on the impact of social media on the competitive advantage of organizations. In the survey, we asked about the impact of organizations’ using social media for internal communication (e.g.… Read more

A modest diagnosis of India’s infrastructure woes

I just got back from Hong Kong, and on the way back I stopped in India, as I usually do. India had been on a tear, economically speaking, for much of the first decade of this century, but appears to have paused for a breather over the last few months.… Read more

Rank and Risk among Traders

News are coming out that some banks are reducing bonuses for their employees or even invoking clawback clauses (taking back bonuses already given) because of low financial results, or even results that needed to be re-stated because of losses unknown at the time.… Read more

The impact of social media on industry structure

In the previous post, I discussed some results of a survey where we asked about how companies can use social media to achieve competitive advantage. In that survey, Prof. Quy Huy and I, also asked participants to tell us how the structure of their industries was affected by the introduction of social media tools.… Read more

The Henry Ford of Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac surgery is a sophisticated, dangerous and delicate procedure; but an Indian surgeon and his hospital group have successfully transformed  it into a factory style mass operation, bringing high quality care to the many millions who could never before afford it. … Read more

Facebook’s value again

My colleague, Hernan Bruno did a great job (see estimating Facebook’s value from data broadly available on the company as well as sensible assumptions about growth, retention, discount rates and other relevant parameters. The calculation is simple and considers wide and reasonable intervals.… Read more

Help Women Take the Stage

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, has been speaking out a lot lately about subtle dynamics that hold women back from reaching senior roles in business. Her TED talk and Barnard commencement speech went viral. Lean in, she says to women, take your place at the table, seize the stage.… Read more

What does a $100bn valuation for Facebook mean?

If you follow financial or technology news, you’ve probably already read plenty of stories about Facebook going public. You know about all the Facebook millionaire (or billionaire!) employees, its financials, its mission to “connect” the world, and the unusual degree of control that Mark Zuckerberg will hold.… Read more

Marketing lessons from the financial crisis

The saying “Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan” goes back at least as far as Tacitus (around 100 B.C.). So calling the financial crisis of 2008 a financial crisis, has the benefit of finding at least one father for that failure: the field of finance, and its real-world embodiment, Wall Street.… Read more

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