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INSEAD and Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU) partner for the 'Pioneering Executive Leaders' programme

INSEAD is honoured to partner with Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University to launch the INSEAD-Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University Pioneering Executive Leaders programme. INSEAD’s mission is to be the “Business School for the World,” and it has experience educating leaders from all parts of the world. Since its founding, Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University  has been dedicated to making education accessible to all women in KSA and to improving the communities in which the women live. Together we are working together to realise our shared dream of bringing critical leadership skills and knowledge to high-potential women and men in the region.  

The Pioneering Executive Leaders programme is a year-long modular programme. Through a blended learning approach, and in addition to classroom experience, the programme includes inter-modular coaching sessions, simulations and action learning projects, as well as online activities. The programme’s vision is to prepare and empower distinguished executive leaders nationally.

Key objectives of the programme:

  • Support the development of a wide number of participants to prepare them to transition to positions of leadership
  • Assess, develop and support critical leadership competencies, including Leadership Assessments utilising INSEAD’s Global Executive Leadership Inventory (GELI) and Leadership Archetype instruments
  • Develop a close-knit group of individuals who share a common set of values, frameworks and business language that can provide a basis for continued leadership and business development within PNU

Content Overview:

  • Leading the Business: Provide broad content to develop general business acumen, including topics on Marco-economics, Strategy, Finance, Marketing and Operations
  • Leading Others: Simultaneous with developing their business acumen, develop their ability to lead and manage others to achieve current business results
  • Leading Themselves: Through a blended learning approach involving classroom experience, simulations, and action learning projects, create real change in their ability to demonstrate the Leadership Competencies necessary to lead PNU in the near future

Click here to learn more.

ICGN and INSEAD join forces to provide Executive Education for long-term value creation

ICGN and INSEAD have today announced a new partnership to develop an Executive Education programme for investors and corporates on how environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors impact long-term value creation. The course will also provide an informal setting for constructive discussions between companies and investors. The first course will be offered at INSEAD's Europe campus in Fontainebleau, France, in January 2016.

Click here to read the full article.

INSEAD-Unilever Four Acres Consortium Programme:
Women's Leadership Development Programme

INSEAD and Unilever, both world leaders in their respective fields, have partnered to create the INSEAD-Unilever Four Acres Consortium: Women's Leadership Development Programme. Designed and developed by INSEAD, the programme will be delivered at the home of  leadership and learning for Unilever, Unilever Four Acres in the United Kingdom.

The programme has been created to enhance the leadership skills of an organisation's senior women executives, thereby increasing the likelihood of their accessing the higher management ladder. During the programme, participants tap into INSEAD's wealth of research and its experience and expertise in designing and delivering highly successful open enrolment and company specific programmes. Thereby empowering women global leaders to take hold of their careers and strive for the top with success.

Key benefits of this three-day programme include:

  1. Increased ability to deal with change and negotiate the way to success
  2. Improve awareness of the dynamics of power and influence and how to make responsible use of both
  3. Insight into leading a team by formulating strategic objectives and defining leadership style
  4. Identify core values central to leadership identity through tailored individual and peer coaching with leading edge instruments
  5. Develop specific next steps to follow, formulated in an individualised action plan, as well as with a peer who will become a learning partner/coach - this is a key actionable measurement tool

For more information, contact the Customised Programme team.

INSEAD partner Yapi Kredi wins award for 'Best impact of Corporate University on implementation of business strategies of the organisation'

Yapi Kredi, the Turkish retail bank, pension and life insurance provider, has recently won an award for ‘Best impact of Corporate University on implementation of business strategies of the organisation’. The award was given at the Global Council of Corporate Universities Awards 2013 with candidates coming from 19 countries and over 5 continents.

Since 2010 Yapi Kredi and INSEAD, with Direction from faculty Loic Sadoulet & David Soberman, have delivered three cohorts of the tailor-made programme ‘Growing Leaders to Grow the Business’. A modular programme responding to the needs of mid- to high-level managers. During the programme, participants analyse and work on strategic projects, defined by the Yapi Kredi Executive Committee and presented to the Executive Committee on the final day of the programme.  Out of a total of 15 projects, approximately 9 successful projects have been brought through to implementation. Click here to find out more. 


INSEAD partners with the State of Goias and the National Confederation of Industry / Euvaldo Lodi Institute (CNI/IEL)

To find out more about the partnership, click here (article in Portuguese).

INSEAD partners with Analysis Institute of Management in Mauritius

Since it's launch in 1995, Analysis Institute of Management has been propelled by its fundamental objective of partnering with regional companies and institutions.  As the shift in economic balance veers towards the East and the South and the Indian Ocean and the South African regions are placed in the limelight, these regions will witness consequent growth in the coming years. At this crucial phase of the region’s development, directors, managers and team leaders will need to strengthen their skill sets to better prepare themselves to ride this growth wave. Knowledge management, forecasting, grasping the impact of globalisation and being at the forefront of innovation are some of the essential elements of the skill sets required.

Contributing to the success of professionals in these region is the core essence of Analysis Institute of Management. It has crafted partnerships with leading institutions across the world including INSEAD.

In 2013, INSEAD and Analysis Institute of Management will organise one of its leading seminars "Powering Growth", from 13-17 May in Mauritius. The 5-day seminar will be run by the world known Professor JC Larreche, author of "The Momentum Effect".

The seminar will welcome CEO and Directors from the region and will be a unique occasion for regional firms and organisations to capture growth potential within and outside their market.

For further information on the programme and to register, please click here.


INSEAD partners with The New Economic School in Russia

INSEAD has developed a comprehensive executive education programme for Sberbank, the largest bank by market cap in Eastern Europe, and Russia’s largest bank with 50% of the country’s retail market and more than 30% of the corporate market. 

For further information about the Sberbank partnership, please click here.


INSEAD and SASIN partnership for 'In-depth Hospital Management Programme'

In September, INSEAD partnered with SASIN Graduate School of Business Administration in Thailand, to deliver a module of their highly successful In-depth Management Hospital Programme. Designed to meet the needs of 30 Thai hospital directors from the Ministry of Public Health, the programme was directed by INSEAD's Dean Dipak C. Jain.

Delivered in France, the 2-day INSEAD module provided a platform from which to enhance knowledge and experience at a strategic level of both management and leadership in the field of Health Care. Morning seminars covered the themes of Efficient & Effective Health Care Delivery and The Marketing Process, whilst afternoons were dedicated to INSEAD organised visits: firstly to the Polyclinique de la Forêt in Fontainebleau – part of three polycliniques in the Salvia Santé Group based in Seine et Marne – and to Hôpital Cochin in Paris. These visits provided the participants with valuable insight into the French Health Care System and into two excellent healthcare facilities. Before hosting a visit to the Polyclinique de la Forêt, Director General of Salvia Santé, Jérôme Vidal, gave a presentation on the French health care delivery system and an overview of the polyclinique system. The tour enabled the group to see first-hand the polyclinique system functions in action, and provided insight into the interesting partnership that is now being planned to merge the public hospital and the private polyclinique to a new site – the reason for which President Nicholas Sarkozy visited the site in May 2011. Whereas the visit to Hopital Cochin provided a fantastic opportunity for participants to get up close to a French public hospital.

Jérôme Vidal, Director General of Salvia Sante, said of the visit, “We were happy to share the experience of French health care with the Sasin group from Thailand”. Whilst INSEAD’s Professor of Technology and Operations Management, Stephen Chick, said of the relationship with Salvia Sante “We have enjoyed and appreciate the ongoing dialog with Mr. Vidal and the Polyclinique about effective health care management.”

To find out how INSEAD can help build your customised programme, please click here.

INSEAD wins an Excellence in Practice Awards (EIP) in 2011

The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) has announced the winners of its annual Excellence in Practice Awards (EIP). The EIP Awards are one of the most prestigious accolades available for both executive development providers and client organisations alike, judged by a panel of experienced LD professionals from both the providing and client sides of the sector. This year the Organisational Development category winner was INSEAD with its RBS Leadership Development Programme in partnership with Wharton.

For further information about the winning RBS Programme, click here


Leading Global Chemical Company

To remain highly competitive, a world leader in the chemical industry, employing over 20,000 people in more than 90 countries, develops and implements new competencies and invests in strategic initiatives leading to measurable business impact.

Programme Objectives:
Targeted at over 700 managers, a fully customised 7-day development programme was launched in order to hone functional and leadership skills, to reinforce networking across the company, and culminating in the execution of strategic initiatives by cross-divisional teams over several months.

Business Impact:
The team projects constitute a key benefit of the programme because they lead to measurable business impact such as revenue generation, market share increase or a reduction in costs. 

"A project is not considered completed until business impact has been demonstrated with audited numbers."

Projects are also an integral part of the performance review process (the key performance indicators or KPIs) and results are therefore linked to salaries and bonuses.  There is also internal recognition for successful projects through regional meetings and an internal intranet.  In addition, the organisation gives global awards for excellence and several projects have been submitted as part of the process and won awards.

Participants are encouraged to link up with others on similar projects or from the same country, if it makes sense, which reinforces bonds across the company, constituting an additional benefit.

"In total, over 300 projects have been successfully completed, giving rise to an approximate impact of several hundred million $ in revenues generated incrementally."

Key Success Factors:

  • Aligned with strategy, core competencies and top management drive for commercial excellence
  • Business impact is a requirement for project completion
  • Projects are linked to key performance indicators
  • Internal recognition is received for project output
  • Networking and cascading across teams is actively encouraged and acknowledged

International Law Firm

With more than 2000 lawyers in 30 locations around the world, this international law firm found that retention rates increased significantly amongst lawyers who were given opportunities for executive development.

Programme Objectives:
The programme is designed to help lawyers better understand and anticipate their corporate clients’ issues from a general management perspective.  It also acts as a mechanism to recruit and retain new talent, as well as giving a clear signal that the company is investing in their professional development.

Business Impact:
Pragmatic advice, understanding the clients’ business/commercial thinking, great service and people development are key pillars in the new strategy of this international law firm.  The INSEAD programme is used as a tool to achieve this.

"Since the new strategy is in place, several independent client surveys have shown a significant increase in client satisfaction."

A survey conducted with new hires to find out what were the criteria for choosing to work with the firm showed that a significant proportion of new recruits mentioned that the advertised executive training contributed largely to their decision to apply for the position.

In a few cases, people who were leaving the company took part in the programme.  At the final debrief, these people were more positive that those leaving who had not done the programme. 

Key Success Factors:

  • Commercial thinking/business is key in the strategy and in the INSEAD programme of this company.  The new strategy has led to higher client satisfaction
  • Advertise executive development opportunities to attract new talent


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