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Asian International Executive Programme

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Asian International Executive Programme

Senior Management Challenges in an Asian Context

Paddy V. Padmanabhan Programme Director

"Our goal is to change the way you think and the way you approach problems in an Asian context."

The Asian region has rapidly developing volatile markets, changing regulatory structures and widely varying government systems. As such it presents managers with unparalleled challenges. The Asian International Executive Programme prepares executives for senior management challenges, helping make the transition from specialist to generalist a successful one.

Consistently set within an Asian context, the programme will provide you with frameworks for structuring your intuitive understanding of business fundamentals such as strategy, people, operations, finance and marketing. In just two weeks, this intensive programme will sharpen your decision-making skills and broaden your knowledge of the Asian business environment.

Key Benefits

  • Greater insight of business fundamentals and confidence to lead across functions and geographical borders, to meet the new challenges of senior management
  • Acquire a new approach to strategy processes and up-to-date business models in an Asian context
  • Framework and theories such as panel discussions focusing on current issues faced by Asian countries

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